The making of Composite Materials

The making of Composite Materials

How to Make Composite Materials We are going to look at how various composite materials are made up. Many people that are not familiar with this technology and will be surprised. By how sample this task is actually carried out. Now I am not underestimating the complex structure or the techniques used in this process. But just taking a basic view of what can be achieve with these high tech

Windmill Expansion Driven by Rising Energy Costs

We are now entering a period of uncertain energy costs where prices are rising, this upward trend at the moment means that small to medium size windmills are now back in high demand. Many smaller companies are looking around to see where this need can be fulfilled. The UK energy markets; of gas & electricity domestic consumption is not back to the higher volumes used in 2010! according to the

Composites Used in Today’s Aircraft

Composites Used To Build Aircraft This video will give you an insight into how and why composites are used to build large aircraft today. It is with the use of these materials and advancement of technology  and innovation that make it possible that these are composites used in today’s aircraft. I hear from many of my visitors to this website how amazing the systems are, that make use of composites

Health & Fitness Products

This kit {the green item} is made to special order for fitness clubs that are now spreading through out Ireland & the UK with many more planed for Europe and the USA.   Keep-Fit; has become so important to many nations as they are very concerned about the health of their populations as overweight and lack of regular exercise is a big problem for so many…       Swift Composites

An Introduction to Composite Materials By JEC

Here are some more ways to view an introduction to Composite materials and how parts are made. There are many ways that these materials are made and used for various products in different industries today. Many of these same materials are in use today by skilled people in Swift Composites.   Leave a comment below, we would like to hear from you and any views of what you have seen

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